hrt update month 8

- fairly consistently passing as female
- my enemies dream nightly of vultures
- dysphoria massively lessened
- moonlight now reveals many truths
- I look kinda cute in a black bra
- increased ability to pronounce the cursed tongue of the salamanders
- hands look indefinably girlier
- the voices promise such terrible things, such beautiful things
- sixth and seventh seals broken
- the beast reigns






Marriage equality is cool and all, but uh…

Trickle down equality, yo!

the next targets.

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Fieldwork, Chapter 5


From the Personal Diary of Professor Meredith Williams

Annotated, in spite of much protest, by Professor Marcus Bradley, Dean of the Linguistics Department of the University of Clyde Hill


In the aftermath of the East Smop “Expedition,” little effort has been made at producing a formal reference grammar of the East Smoppian language. Many of the “expedition“‘s notes were lost, burned, eaten, irradiated, or too caked in fish oil and chihuahua vomit to be worth salvaging. In addition, all of the notes taken by Felicity Campbell were apparently written in some form of invisible ink which we have yet to devise a method of making visible (Campbell herself was unable to provide us with the formula as she has since inexplicably vanished). Much of what remains of the expedition’s data is contained within the audio recordings that survived on Campbell’s laptop, which, for reasons quite unknown to me, was hardened against EMP, and the handwritten personal diary of Professor Williams herself. This, I regret to inform you, is a reproduction of the latter.

It is not entirely faithful, however. Certain rather… inventive ethnic slurs against Russians and other Slavic peoples were have been omitted for the sake of human decency in general and the sake of our Eastern European colleagues in particular (though it should be noted they have largely taken a healthy and commendable disinterest in the Smoppian family of languages, so there is little risk of them reading this document), and the Americanist transcriptions used by Williams were transliterated to their IPA equivalent so as to better conform with a departmental policy she has ostentatiously flouted her entire “career.”

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