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FYI on the patronymics:

it’s Thor Odinsdottir now

not Odinson


Grammatica hodierna – Heterogeneous Nouns


Latin are you okay

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Language Studies: What is the difference between a pidgin and a creole?

Supplementary info:

  • Pidgins are limited and simplified languages that happen when people MUST communicate.
  • The next generation transforms a pidgin into a creole as it grows and changes to serve a wider range of communication needs.
  • Pidgins and creoles have historically had a high association with imperialism, slavery, war, refugee and trading situations.
  • A pidgin is nobody’s first language by definition.
  • An American example: Gullah, also known as GeeChee, came from the interaction between African slaves and English speakers. This creole is spoken today on Sea Island off Georgia and Carolinas.
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